Our Service

Bay Proof Read is a service that checks your written document for errors of grammar, punctuation and spelling.  We do not alter the theme or tenor of the document by way of editing or any text improvements.  You are the expert when it comes to your document, so we are here to provide another set of eyes to pick up on any errors of spelling or grammar.  We don’t want to change the structure of your document.

We can usually provide a 24 hour turnaround in any document sent to us in pdf-file format, with the checked product being returned with electronic note highlights. 

Hard copy can be sent, and returned by FastPost, with pencil notes indicating any errors. 

The hourly rate is around $25.00, with my average reading and checking speed being about about 8 - 10 A4 hard-copy pages per hour.  Technical text and electronic copy may take slightly longer. 

Above all, every document is treated with the utmost privacy and discretion.

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